Our team

Cierra Daye is a women who brings her visions to reality, creating art with Hair strands is her passion. Born and raised in Durham NC, Cierra was raised by her loving aunt and grandparents. While her grandparents showed her the ins and outs of business through their successful night club business, the entrepreneur in Cierra was born at the age of 5. Cierra's aunt taught her drive and hustle, she's worked hard for everything that she has, with 2 jobs she provided for her family. Cierra began playing with her Bratz mannequin head dolls teaching her self styles she'd seen out in public and even trying things on her neighborhood friends. At the age of 15 Cierra was doing her own hair and taking clients for extra money. Using all of what Cierra had learned as a child it was time to place it with a career. Cierra attended ITT-Technical Institute for Business Management and soon got bored and wanted something more hands on. Leaving ITT-Tech after completing her second semester Cierra decided to attend Durham Beauty Academy for Cosmetology. While studying at Durham Beauty Academy Cierra learned the full scope of Cosmetology including, manicure and pedicure techniques, barbering, coloring, weaving, perms and relaxers, natural styling, and certified in different weaving techniques; sewing extensions, bonding extensions, tape extensions, beading extensions, and keratin beading extensions. By the end of her studies Cierra became well known for her braiding, weaving, and styling techniques. On September 4 2015, Cierra completed all courses in-order for her to graduate and during the same month she successfully completed her written portion of her Cosmetology examine to attain her Cosmetology License. With her temporary license in hand Cierra pursued her career in Greensboro NC at a well known establishment, Millennium Styling Studio. After nine months of success working at Millennium Styling Studio, her knack for ownership and after many discussions and planning with her older sister and master stylist, Saquoyia Clark, they both decided that the timing was perfect to team up and start their salon fittingly named Contemporary Creations Hair Studio, LLC. The studio opened on August 15, 2016 and has had a very successful first full year of business.
I have three years banking experience, eighteen months with Mechanics & Farmers Bank and eighteen months with SunTrust Bank, where a strengthened my customer service, basic accounting, and other financial literacy skills. My ten plus years of food service and bartending experince have greatly strengthened my ability to "read" customers, interpersonal skills, multitasking skills, clear communication skills, time management skills, product knowledge skills, patience. Living in Louisian catered to my love for fishing which led to me starting my own wholesale/retail fresh fish distributing business which gave me experience and first hand knowledge in the steps to creating, establishing and running a legal business. After two years of personal training from a licensed Cosmotologist, I am skilled in the art of producing many types of hair units with plans to take natural hair care courses in order to become a fully licensed partner.